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New Book: Living Inspired With Lumari

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What would life look like if you were Living Inspired every day?

  • Your dreams would blossom and your soul expression will be fulfilled.
  • Your choices and actions have far more meaning, influence and impact.
  • You will bring art, healing, innovation, vision and creative solutions to share.
  • You will realize you are more than you know and
  • Your contribution is essential to our world.

Living Inspired With Lumari
Engage the Lights of Awakening, Revelation and Transformation

Imagine what your everyday could look like
if you were Living Inspired.

Feel the divine flash, wisdom and purpose of inspiration actively guiding you every day, instead of waiting and hoping for it to happen.

In this groundbreaking book, Lumari, internationally acclaimed visionary intuitive coach, uncovers the misconceptions robbing you of the real capacity and access to the true vibrations of inspiration.
She reveals the actual essence and spirit of inspiration, so you can create your own illumination and positive purpose – every moment.

Lumari gives you a penetrating look at the ART of Inspiration and reveals the magical ways that inspiration connects, uplifts and guides you to your own truth and purpose. This is Divine communication and connection at its most beautiful and accessible.

“Does inspiration elude you? Let it find you instead! In Living Inspired, Lumari shows you how to tap into awakening and purpose so you can make a genuine difference in this world.
Read it today!”

David Riklan - Founder of, the # 1 Self Improvement site on the Internet.

What are the results Living Inspired?
You will…

  • Dissolve the confusion that can distract you from your calling, purpose and destiny
  • Discover the unlimited source of your personal wisdom and brilliance
  • Share your gifts from the love in your heart and the purpose of your soul
  • Create the art, music, healing, business and innovations you are meant to create
  • Live your true calling with profound joy, fulfillment, creative potential, inspired actions and results

When you are Living Inspired, you no longer feel separated from your purpose, your destiny and the world. You are the active expression of the gifts, purpose and destiny you carry. You are the magic.

When you are Living Inspired, you can light a way that is vibrant, meaningful, creative and transformational, not only for yourself, but also for the world. This is Divine communication and connection at its most beautiful and accessible.

You’ll come away from this book with a greater vision of yourself, a deeper understanding of how true inspiration transforms you and you will create your life from your joyful, meaningful purpose that will influence and inspire our world.

About Lumari

Lumari is a Visionary Energy Master, Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Healer and Author. She is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal, professional and planetary change, healing, evolution and awakening. Lumari teaches, guides and coaches people who want to grow into their soul purpose and are ready to step into a brighter, more purposeful, prosperous and successful future.

She works with an international clientele of celebrities, artists, musicians, healing practitioners, coaches, innovators and entrepreneurs who are visionaries in their chosen fields.

Lumari’s profound intuitive gifts, energy mastery, energetic healing and depth of spiritual wisdom combined with joyful clarity and practical wisdom will give you the guidance you need for your success and fulfillment. Her written work has been published in a wide variety of magazines and journals and she is the author of “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression” and Alawashka Language of Creation”.

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